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DAS Security Systems for Every Application

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Vertex Code Pad

  • 1-16 Zones   
  • 76mm wide, 114mm high, 20mm thick 
  • LED back lit Code pad    



  icon lcd

Icon LCD Code Pad

  • 1-48 Zones 
  • Two line fixed english display 
  • 165mm wide, 135mm high, 20mm thick 





LCD Code Pad 

  • 1-128 Zones 
  • Progamable english two line display 
  • 158mm wide, 135mm high, 30mm thick 



voice navvoice nav 3voice nav 2

 Voice Nav Code Pad and Intercom

  • Modern Architectural Design- using the latest technologies to produce a slimline code pad less than 16mm slim to complement most homes and décors. Consumers will love the appearance! 
  • Interactive Personal Voice Guide and VoiceCheck Status Key- so easy to use without a manual, consumers will connect to the product with minimal training and reduces support calls to you.
  • Customizable Voice Recording and Extensive Voice Library- you or the end-user can personalise zone, area, room and user names. No more mysterious codes and blinking lights!
  • Intercom Functionality for up to 8 rooms - essential communication features are built in to every new VoiceNav code pad and work on existing NX\Reliance systems.
  • Advanced Touch Interface - Touch Response Keys, Colour Coded Status, and Individually Lit SmartKeys combine together and work for the user.erating range 0C to 50C 
  • Ease of Installation - fully backwards compatible with existing NX and Hills Reliance systems. Same wiring bus and NX programming menu makes it a breeze to install. Just add a 4-core cable in parallel to activate the intercom feature if desired.
  • This combination of installer and end-user friendly features makes the Hills Reliance VoiceNav the new standard security system code pad.       



 Reliance Alarm Panel, 4 to 128 zones

  • 12v DC 
  • Dialler / Comunicator 
  • Fully programable zones 
  • Wireless compatiable 
  • Multi area