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The tested energy-saving automatic sliding door PSW Green Wings

Reduced opening and closing times generally reduce the amount of air exchange, thus cutting down on energy loss. The heat-insulated PSW Gilgen profile system provides additional nighttime prevention of unnecessary energy wastage via closed doors.




PSW profile system provides insulation to prevent energy waste

Kaba supplies a complete system of tried-and-tested heat-insulated automatic doors for use with the PSW profile system and Kaba SLX and SLA drive units. The Kaba PSW profile system is based on the tried-and-tested WICSTYLE® 65 supplied by WICONA.
This combination delivers impressively low U values.

PSW_Green Wings
The green-wing symbol of environmental awareness.






The energy-saving automatic sliding door

Kaba cares about the environment and takes energy saving very seriously – this is the reason we have developed a system that offers insulation in combination with automatic entry.

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